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  1. Dear Poet,

    It is rare occasion when publisher shows interest in publishing poetry.
    Richard M. Grove, the poet and publisher of Hidden Brook Press, Canada has
    reposed great faith in Indian English Poetry and shown curiosity in
    publishing an anthology on Indian English Poetry. For this reason it is
    my earnest request to send your 3-5 published or unpublished poems on email
    id and make this anthology successful on
    international level. I know without your generous and creative support the
    anthology will remain incomplete and representation of Indian English
    poetry in the international arena will not be justified. For your reference
    the link for submission call is

    I want to clear doubt regarding my earlier call for submission and assure
    you that it is not essential and compulsion to purchase the copy of
    anthology and at the same time publisher will not be able to give you a
    free copy as a contributor if your poem/poems are selected for publication
    in this anthology of poems. Your any queries and grievances are most
    welcome. Please ignore the message displayed on the website of the
    publisher regarding purchasing the copy of the anthology.

    Dr Vivekanand Jha

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